4 Week Introductory Trial

$6900per student

Our 4-week trial membership provides an opportunity for you and/or your child to become acquainted with both the physical and mental aspects of mixed martial arts. You are entitled to receive a uniform, attend regular class sessions, and participate in our extracurricular activities. At the end of four weeks, we will discuss your progress with you and suggest recommendations as to how you can best benefit from further instruction.


Month to Month

$15000per month

This program is targeted toward the individual who has an interest in mixed martial arts but chooses not to make an extended commitment.

6 Month

$12000per month

This program is for the student who has chosen to make a short-term commitment but has not yet decided whether to “go for the gold” and dedicate themselves to multiple years of training required to attain the black belt rank. Class attendance is unlimited.

12 Month

$11000per month

This program is for the student that has decided to make the ultimate commitment and dedication to fully experiencing the mixed martial arts by training for the black belt and beyond. Class attendance is unlimited.


Black Belt Club

$2500extra per month

An additional membership option, that provides a serious student the opportunity in experiencing elements of the mixed martial arts outside the core curriculum. Weapons training is introduced, along with contact sparring, and competition experience.
*Gear Package Required*

Master's Club

$3500extra per month

Advanced training for soon-to-be black belts and beyond. Classes focus on advanced mixed martial arts elements including free sparring, continuous sparring, self-defense, and instructor training. This membership opens all Black Belt Club, and Master’s Club Classes, giving you the greatest flexibility.
*Invitation only*

Jury Jiu-Jitsu

$2500extra per month

Jury Jiu-Jitsu is offered around the world to train Jiu- Jitsu, wrestling, striking, and mixed martial arts. Our affiliate students learn proven techniques in a congenial, team-oriented environment.
*Gear Package Required*


Student/member represents that he/she is in good physical condition and is able to use the facilities of Pride Martial Arts Academy. Student/member hereby acknowledges that he/she is fully aware of the risks and hazards inherent in the practice of martial arts and in fitness activities and hereby assumes voluntarily all risks of loss, damage or injury (including death) that may be sustained by Student/member or to his/her property. Student/member hereby accepts full responsibility for the use of, or participation in, any and all classes, services, equipment, demonstrations or events, whatsoever owned, operated or sponsored by Pride Martial Arts Academy, whether on-site or off-site and hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless, Pride Martial Arts Academy, its owners, officers, directors, members, employees, representatives and agents from any and all loss, claim, injury, damage or liability sustained or incurred by Student/member resulting there from. All students must sign a release that shall be binding upon the heirs, distributees, next of kin, executor and administrator of each of the undersigned. In signing the Agreement, the undersigned hereby acknowledges and represents that that he/she has read the release, and understands it and signs it voluntarily.

Pride Martial Arts Academy will offer Student/member the option for early termination of contracts. The early termination fee is $300.00 per contract. Student/member must provide written notice of 30 days in which time tuition charges will still apply, member may still attend classes, and the early termination fee must be received. All agreements may be cancelled prior to the end of the term upon the death or disability of the Student/member, or if member moves more than 25 miles from the Pride Martial Arts Academy studio. To cancel this agreement prior to the end of the term you must deliver a signed and dated written notice of cancellation, and third party confirmation of the reason for cancellation (e.g. death certificate, either: 1. by personal delivery to the studio; or 2. by registered or certified mail to: Pride Martial Arts Academy, 9135 Sheridan Drive, Clarence, NY 14031.

Cancellations permitted under the agreement will take effect on the last day of the month following receipt by Pride Martial Arts Academy of all required documentation. Memberships may not be placed on hold under any financing membership agreements.

All protective sparring equipment, weapons, and class apparel must be purchased through Pride Martial Arts Academy for insurance purposes. Outside equipment will not be permitted unless inspected and authorized by the owner and Master Instructor. Students must have all protective sparring equipment in order to participate in sparring classes.

We Are A Black Belt School

We focus on instilling the black belt champion’s attitude, behavior, and character development.